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by Eva on August 2, 2011 · 1 comment

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How embarrassing to say we’re coming back in January and then not actually post until July.  But we’re back, for real this time.

When I started SASSY back in 2008, I was looking to fill a void in the blogosphere.  Back then I didn’t feel like any site in particular related to where I was and in typical Eva fashion, when I couldn’t find it, I made it.  I got a bunch of friends together and we started SASSY and it was great.

Fast forward about two years later and about half of the original writers had left SASSY to write their own blogs.  In addition to that, there were many new blogs out there.  One for everyone, every identity.  And I was in my PhD program struggling to keep up with SASSY, school, my personal blog (which also went silent) and just life in general.  When SASSY ended, I wasn’t particularly happy it was over, but I felt comfortable knowing our readers had other places to go to get information they need and, I thought, to continue the community we had created.

But lately when I read blogs, particularly blogs directed at  young Black women, I can’t help but the notice the snark.  And to be perfectly honest, it pisses me off.  There is so much snark, and in the worst places.  I see “relationship experts” “helping” young women with snark.  It’s disgusting.  “Advice columnists” snarking the hell out of what could have been good advice.  I don’t get it and I don’t like it.  And so I’m back to fill a gaping void – the no snark zone.  I believe that if your offer to help someone, you should do so graciously.  If you don’t want to be bothered don’t do it.

And so, we’re bringing SASSY back.  There will be some familiar voices and some new ones.  As always, we welcome you to write with us.  We thank you for your patience, continued love and support.



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Eva Haldane, editor of Sassy Women Online and doctoral candidate at Columbia University. You can find her personal blog at

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1 Sherisa D 08.02.11 at 11:55 am

YES!! I hate snark. Welcome back! :) Positivity rules.

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